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About Us

Changing Health Care one Patient at a Time

24OurCare utilizes clinically-proven Care Management Services to improve care, reduce costs and create financial stability to capture new revenue while reducing risk. By engaging your patients, we expand your reach and profitability beyond the exam room.

Our Story

24 Our Care was founded in 2016 with one goal; Transform Healthcare.  Bob Baker recognized a need in our Medicare Patient Population and decided to find a solution.  This solution would increase the care of these citizens in a way that would be beneficial to the Providers while being compliant with all Medicare Guidelines.  This dream started out with Chronic Care Management; providing value-based, non-face-to-face care for Medicare Patients having 2 or more Chronic Conditions.  Now, 24 Our Care is able to provide services for up to 18 different codes all while remaining compliant; increasing RAF Scores and STAR ratings. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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