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CCM Training Centers


Medicare compliant under CPT code 99490,  and complex CCM under CPT code 99487, and CPT code 99489.


Expand your reach beyond your daily schedule. Our state-of-the-art Chronic Care Centers deliver the gold standard for non-face-to-face interactions.

Whether by telephone or any online device, our services are HIPAA compliant and always include the patient's electronic care plan.


Each interaction is captured, recorded, and stored to deliver accurate and precise audit capability. 


All recorded data is integrated into your practice records allowing a 360 degree view of every patient.

Gain a higher level of engagement, trust, and brand loyalty.

Patient Benefits.

Among a multitude of benefits, some understood and some yet realized, your patients will:

  • gain a higher level of engagement in their own healthcare and medical records; 

  • gain a higher level of trust for your practice brand loyalty;

  • reduce avoidable visits to urgent-care or emergency room settings;

  • have access to electronic medical records including other critical customer data.

  • Provide a turnkey enterprise solution for Chronic Care Management.

  • Provide state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and staffing.

  • Provide an immediate solution, without risking your capital, staff, and time. 

  • Identify and enroll eligible patients.

  • Support your patients, and your practice with compliant care management services.

  • Manage and coordinate care among all of the patient's providers as specified by CMS.

  • Provide certified electronic health records (EHR) transferring patient data through your EHR to populate patient profiles with records from your practice.

  • Prepare a comprehensive care-plan for every patient, including updates as necessary.

  • Work directly with your practice staff to appropriately bill Medicare for CCM reimbursement.

  • Help coordinate your practice’s calendar to fill open appointments with eligible patients.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Our chronic care management program is packed with gold standard innovation and validated behavioral, clinical, and educational principals to increase patient engagement and boost their knowledge, skills, and confidence in managing their care.


Following the precise guidelines set forth by the Affordable Care Act and Medicare, we deliver outstanding care and care management services.

Care Coaches

Following each Doctor's care instructions, our Care Coaches provide care coordination services in a systematic way to supplement regular doctor office visits. 

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