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Intelligent Technology

For the first time, DATA IS AGGREGATED FROM ACROSS THE CONTINUUM OF PROVIDERS AND SOURCES, IN REAL TIME. Providers gain actionable insights within clinical work flows to increase productivity and improve patient outcomes.


Our Chronic Care Management Platform:


  • securely integrates with virtually any Medicare certified EHR -- from large scale health systems to independent practice models;

  • continuosly stratifies patient data and sort patients into high-, medium-, low- and rising-risk categories to assess: risks, hospitalization likelihood, non-adherence, motivation, and likelihood to experience higher risk;

  • provides daily summary indicators and caseload, including tasks due for that day as well as a preview of upcoming work and any overdue items;

  • recommends mitigations, facilitate medication review, and help our clinicians plan their day and prioritize tasks;

  • employs evidence-based assessments that auto-generate patient care plans;

  • shares patient information and care plans at the point of care -- across multiple EMRs -- delivering necessary data to all providers;

  • ensures patient privacy by safeguarding access to patient health information;

  • provides a 360 degree view of each patient, including lab results, medication history and documents;

  • uses certified EHR to transfer patient data -- including billing data -- to your EHR and populate patient profiles with records from your practice.

*NO interruption of workflow, NO extra staff needed, and our service covers everything from integration to billing.

Technology Highlights:

  • OIG compliant 24/7 data capturing and billing;

  • secure & compliant EHR platform

  • data analytics and resource use;

  • patient portal with electronic medical record;

  • care coordination among all providers;

  • health information exchange among all stakeholders;

  • auto-generate patient care plans;

  • patient engagement and education;

  • medication therapy;

  • transitional care;

  • recommends mitigations and preventative plan services;

  • "top of license" reimbursement;
  • And more...

Interoperable Data

Semantic interoperability—or the ability of two systems to exchange data in a meaningful way—remains a barrier to accurate data analytics and reporting. Effective data normalization and terminology management is critical to accurately capturing data -- which must become a priority to maximize reimbursement within MACRA’s Quality Payment Program (QPP) under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Alternative Payment Models (APMs)


To coordinate care, health systems need to aggregate potentially "disparate data" from multiple sources and share that patient data to providers as needed. Our technology enables care teams to provide coordinated care while working at "top of license".

Discover the only technology platform that delivers healthIT and interoperability in a way previously considered impossible.

Continually identify, assess, and stratify patient data to improve outcomes and decrease overall cost. 


As there are not enough providers to manage every patient continuously, this focus requires automation to support those providers and to carry out the large number of routine tasks that do not have to be performed manually.


Explore the next generation of healthcare technology beyond the EHR.



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